Modello EASI


EASI® is the first sustainability governance scheme recognized by Accredia (the National Accreditation Body designated by the Italian Government) as a Management System for companies and certifiable by Certification Bodies accredited by Accredia.

The path

Assessment, planning of concrete actions, and gradual implementation at all levels, measurement in an evolutionary process of continuous improvement.

The involvement

Listening, involving all stakeholders, and transparency in communicating the actions taken create a virtuous multiplier.

The methodology

Designed to adapt to specific business realities, from B2B to B2C, to different product sectors and company sizes.

Requirements of the EASI® Model

The EASI® Model

The EASI® Organizational Model, "Integrated Sustainable Business Ecosystem," is an innovative path developed by Consulnet® Italia and Rödl & Partner, promoted by SIrcle Società Benefit s.r.l. that integrates international standards and fundamental principles regulating the evolutionary phases of sustainable development - environmental, social, economic - into business strategies and processes.


EASI® was developed to gather all the requirements an organization must comply with and integrate:


To adhere to ESG (environmental, social, and governance) sustainability principles.


To create vision and awareness internally and externally through concrete actions and content.


To enable a gradual path of sustainable development.

Model Pillars

The Benefits

Creating, engaging, dynamically assessing, and integrating sustainability are just some of the benefits.


Facilitating access, supporting sales, and integrating with other regulations are just some of the objectives.
La Certificazione


The process concludes with certification issued by a third-party certification body accredited by Accredia and recognized internationally.

Certification acknowledges the organization’s concrete commitment to ESG issues and guarantees a continuous path of sustainable development.

Certified Companies

"Sustainability is crucial to business success. Using the EASI® protocol helps to incorporate sustainability into an organization's decision-making processes. Furthermore, the goal is to create a sustainable culture and share it throughout the organization, in line with the long-term corporate philosophy."

Gianluca Landolina

President and CEO of Cellnex Italia

“EASI® is a "cultural accelerator." It has allowed Sirti to have a comprehensive container for past experiences on individual ESG issues, creating a corporate culture. The EASI® model is 360-degree, pervasive within the company and allows everyone to be culturally prepared to face the challenges ahead."

Marco Ercole

Executive Vice President  di Sirti
Compliance, Sustainability, Risk Mngt & QHSE

"The EASI® model allowed us to create a system, a common language, and integrate multiple models and certifications to ensure a single guaranteed and certified stream. The EASI® model promotes listening and helps meet all needs, not just those of clients but of all stakeholders."

Giacomo Quarta

CEO – Telebit SpA

Sircle SRL
Benefit company

Sircle is the Scheme Owner of the EASI® Model, the first sustainability governance scheme recognized by Accredia as a Management System for companies for third-party certification purposes.



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