Modello EASI

The certification

The EASI® Model Certification

The EASI® Model is the first framework for integrating sustainability into corporate governance recognized by Accredia - the Italian government's designated national accreditation body - as valid for third-party certification purposes.

Who is it for?

The certification of the EASI® Model may be of interest to all those organizations that have the need to demonstrate their willingness and ability to undertake a sustainable development path, to systematically monitor and improve it over time, in compliance with legislative requirements and the demands of their reference market, while responding to the expectations of their stakeholders.

Obtaining Certification
Obtaining the EASI® Model certification is subject to acceptance, compliance, and verification of the contents of the Trademark Usage Regulation, the Conformity Assessment Scheme, and the Conformity Assessment Regulation.

EASI® Trademark Use Regulation 06.09.2022


Conformity assessment scheme


Conformity assessment regulation


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