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This is a team of experienced professionals with a mindset of innovation and entrepreneurship, constantly seeking solutions to complex problems and striving to achieve challenging goals. The company combines constant growth with a virtuous financial position, having built a solid enterprise over the course of more than 30 years, achieving sustainable, serious, and respectful development. The company has been able to create and maintain a loyal, resilient, and meritocratic ecosystem, based on a network of reliable relationships and partnerships, which has contributed to consolidating its reputation as a solid and trustworthy business.


Cellnex is the leading European operator of wireless telecommunications infrastructure, with the aim of empowering connectivity for people and territories and driving digitalization in Italy. It offers customers a suite of solutions and technologies designed to ensure reliable and high-quality wireless transmissions for voice and data services, while also providing innovative connectivity solutions and developing the necessary infrastructure ecosystem for the introduction of new technologies.


The Sirti Group is committed to process excellence in order to achieve continuous improvement, also through training, certifications, and management systems. Its objective is to build strong and modern infrastructure that can withstand the changing eras of technology and become an asset for the countries that host them. Sirti Group helps customers to focus on their core business, managing technological and process complexities related to systems and plants.


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