Modello EASI

EASI® Model

The EASI® Model

The EASI® Organizational Model "Integrated Sustainable Business Ecosystem" is an innovative path developed by Consulnet® Italia and Rödl & Partner as part of the SIrcle® Project. It incorporates international standards and fundamental principles governing the evolutionary phases of sustainable development - environmental, social, economic - to integrate them into business strategies and all processes.

The EASI® Model encompasses all the requirements that an organization must comply with and integrate:
ESG Sustainability

To comply with ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) Sustainability principles.

Vision and Awareness

To generate internal and external vision and awareness through concrete actions and content.

Sustainable Growth

To grow sustainably and communicate effectively with all stakeholders.

Key requirements for the implementation of the EASI® Model.


A strategic choice by the Board that involves all company functions in a coordinated manner.


Compliance with applicable laws and regulations to minimize the risk of sanctions and protect the company.

Stakeholder Engagement

Listening, awareness, and involvement of resources to maximize results.


Effectiveness in conveying to all stakeholders the actions taken. It helps to enhance the company's reputation, brand visibility, and its value.

Advantages of the EASI® Model.

Creation of knowledge and increased awareness within and outside the organization regarding sustainability issues.
Involvement of the organization and the supply chain in a sustainable development path.
Increase in brand reputation.
Dynamic assessment: a continuous improvement path that involves all company functions and processes.
Non-self-referential certification: assessment carried out by a third-party entity aimed at obtaining certification.
Integration of sustainability into the company’s strategy.
Integration with company management systems and related certifications: implementation of a sustainable management system in company processes.
Integration with existing management tools for collecting relevant data and information.
International scope: applicability of the EASI® Model also abroad and to multinational companies.


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